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Convocation welcomes the incoming freshman class in celebration each new school year, and marks each students’ commitment to CNU’s community of honor. Faculty, alumni and others are on hand as each student signs the honor code. Each student is given a penny for luck and to symbolize a common purpose and dedication to live an honorable life. At commencement, the graduates throw their pennies in the Geese Fountain during the procession to the Great Lawn.

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Each student receives a penny after signing the honor code at convocation. At commencement, the graduates throw their pennies into the Geese Fountain during the procession to the Great Lawn. The penny is accompanied by a dedication written by the late CNU associate provost and English professor, Dr. Tracey Schwarze:

This penny is but a small tribute to the spirit of honor of allthose who learn and lead here.

To give your word and keep it as a person of integrity;To treasure the life of the mind and the spirit of intellectual inquiry;To value richness of character over richness of purse;To give, because to you, much has been given;To seek important work — and to do it with all your heart

Keep this faith as you become a citizen of CNU, of the nationand the world

And one dayAs you remember

The grandeur of the Ferguson Center,The beauty of the Great Lawn,The tranquility of the James, andThe friends and mentors of your youth,

You will know that you have lived a life of honor andsignificance …

Bell Ringing

The Clock Tower bell celebrates special events, like athletic victories and commencement. Each fall incoming freshmen ring the bell after the Community of Scholars Convocation, and each spring the graduates ring it in celebration of their achievement.

The tower features the bell from the SS United States , a gift from the late Dr. Sarah Forbes, CNU friend and benefactor. Built in Newport News in the early 1950s, the ship is the largest passenger ocean liner built entirely in the U.S.

A carillon chimes the hour and plays the “Fight Song” at noon and the alma mater at 5 p.m.

Family Weekend

Each fall, we welcome students’ families to share in the energy and enthusiasm of what it means to be a Captain. It’s an exciting time to celebrate the dedicated family members who contribute so much to student success, and includes music, sports and fun for the whole family.


At Homecoming we invite all Christopher Newport alumni to campus to celebrate their student days and reconnect with classmates and the University. From tailgating and football to the famous golf cart parade, Homecoming is the perfect opportunity to honor the past and embrace the future of Christopher Newport.

Signing Day

Each spring, representatives from each academic department gather to welcome sophomores as they declare their majors, meet new colleagues and faculty and learn about the challenges and opportunities ahead of them in their new field of study.

Candlelight Ceremony

Candlelight is a solemn but celebratory occasion held at sundown the night before commencement to commemorate the newest graduates’ transition to Christopher Newport alumni.

Each student lights a candle from the flame of another to symbolize the knowledge, experience and memories passed between peers and friends.

At the conclusion of the ceremony the graduates sing the alma mater before celebrating their newfound alumni status at a reception at the president’s house.

Knowledge, truth, eternal wisdom,Alma mater we adore.Your sons and daughters walk the pathwayTrod by those who came before.

With passion, loyalty, and courage,We wave the silver and the blue.Our alma mater shining brightly,Hail, all hail, to CNU.

Ring Ceremony

The Office of Alumni Relations, in collaboration with Jostens and many alumni and students, designed an official Christopher Newport ring. Juniors who order one can take part in an official ceremony on the Great Lawn with President Paul Trible.

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Parent-to-Parent Tip: A strong word ofwarning, Episode 11 (The Gift of Sight) was overwhelming. In this episode, Leon stops at Cambodia’s Killing Fields and pays tribute to all thethousands of livesthat were brutally lost there.This particular episode should be watched with extreme caution. You know your child’s personality, please use your best judgment.

Netflix Summary: More, newer, cooler: That’s the American Dream. But these creative people see the dream as being more about happiness. [ Watch it on Netflix now or buy the documentary here]

The documentary Minimalism opened the door to a variety of conversations with our girls about “stuff,” advertisements and marketing, popular brandsat school, and what happiness means to us. The intro withRyan Nicodemus really struck a chord with me. He explains:

When I heard about minimalism, it wasn’t just about getting rid of my stuff. It was about taking control of my life, and stop being told what to do and deciding what I wanted to do.

On the surface, it may seem like minimalism and yourstuff have little to do with Becoming UnBusy, butthe two topics are inseparable.Our stuff dictates whereour money goes each month, our stuff affects our required monthly budget, our stuff mandatesour work schedules and career choices, our stuff affects our ability to control our lives. This documentary allowed us to talk to our girls aboutwhy our family ismaking changes in our life to move toward Becoming UnBusy.

Heads-up: When I saw this award-winning documentary pop into the “new on Netflix” suggestions, I was giddy. The Minimalist website and podcast are an ongoing inspiration. Be sure to check out their and Facebook page .

What is unique about this documentary is that thecollege students attempted to not only live on a dollar a day, but to simulate the dynamics of an unstablefield worker’s income. In other words, they had allocated $60 for 60-days, but the amount they received each day was arbitrary. The hardship,support and joy of the community that embraces them is eye-opening.We watched this documentary with our ten and twelve year old daughters. Some of the topics covered were tough, seeing children in poverty is heavy, but it was an enlightening experience.

Do you have any other documentaries, movies, TV shows or books that have helped you connect with your kids and explain your unique life choices to your kids? We’re always looking for inspiration to share with our kids. Have you seen any of these documentaries? I’d love to hear about the different conversationsyou had with your kids while watching them. Please leave us anote below or a message on the Becoming UnBusy Facebook Page . We’d love to hear about it.

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. Here are someadditional recommendations people are making:

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El famoso exjugador de basquetbol fue elegido por ESPN como el atleta del siglo XX. Durante su carrera consiguió 10 títulos como máximo anotador y fue nombrado MVP en las finales de la MBA en 6 ocasiones.

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Conocido como el corredor más rápido de la historia . Ha ganado 6 medallas olímpicas y tiene los records mundiales en 100 y 200 metros lisos , además de los 400 metros en relevos . En 2008 y 2009 fue reconocido por la IAAF como atleta del año, en 2010 rompió sus propios records y en Londres 2012 se llevó la medalla de oro en 100 metros lisos.

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George Herman Ruth fue uno de los jugadores profesionales de baseball más talentosos y populares de la historia. El legendario beisbolista llevó a los Red Sox a tres campeonatos y a un título en 1916. Durante su carrera rompió una serie de importantes records como el de la mayor cantidad de años dirigiendo la liga con home runs.

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Es conocido como el golfista más exitoso de todos los tiempos. Empezó a romper records desde 1997 cuando fue la persona más joven en la historia en quedar en el primer lugar en el ranking mundial de golf . Durante su carrera ha ganado 14 Majors y según la revista Forbes, por varios años fue el atleta mejor pagado del mundo .

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Nadador estadounidense que durante su carrera ha ganado 14 medallas olímpicas de oro lo cual ningún otro atleta olímpico ha conseguido hasta ahora; 8 de ellas las consiguió en las olimpiadas de Pekín en 2008. Es considerado el mejor nadador de la historia ya que ha batido 37 records mundiales en natación.

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